Long time, no see

To all my loyal readers (all like, four, of you): Sorry for the absence of updates. I will be returning soon (oh, there is so much more pain to craft away now) with updates regarding decorations and presents from past holidays, as well as future projects. I now have access to a fancy new sewing machine that can do all sorts of interesting stitches, and those will be featured in some upcoming projects.This picture is a mini-taste of future updates. This was a Christmas present to a dear relative of mine, and now should be happily across the pond soothing her work-related headaches (or hangovers!). The pillow contains flax seeds, dried lavender and dried chamomile blossoms, and is encased in a washable slipcover (as shown - if you look carefully, you can see where the fabric overlaps, and that is where the pillow is inserted into the slipcover). The other side of this slipcover is black satin, so it feels nice. The flax seeds retain heat well, so the pillow also works as a hot pad when microwaved for thirty seconds. It can also be placed in the freezer as a cold pad. I made another of these, and both were well-received. (This one initially didn't induce much excitement because the recipient didn't realize it was handmade!). I intended to make two more of these for other people, but unfortunate events mean those people are no longer a part of my existence. So! I have extra fabric, and will just have to find more people who'd like a nice lavender, chamomile, or peppermint eye pillow. I am planning to make some variations out of flannel in fun shapes for some of the many kiddies in my life. It'd be more fun to have an injury soothed with something cute than a boring old ice pack, yes?