Happy Halloween!

As you can see, I didn't decorate very much.

I had to use fake pumpkins because Adam is allergic to real ones.


Crafting Again

Yesterday, I decided to start crafting again, after a lo-o-ong hiatus.
I started a top-secret Christmas present last night, and today I signed up for five (5!) arts and crafts classes offered on-base. One of them was tonight. It was a class on wire-wrapped jewelry. You can see the completed project - it's not perfect, but not bad for a newbie. I learned a lot of new skills.

Here's a hint picture for the top-secret present - not surprising colors, right? This is just a picture of some of scraps left over when I was done cutting last night. I hate cutting, have I ever told you that? So much room for error!
Anyway, this present should be done soon. I'm afraid to use my sewing machine at night, because I'm paranoidly convinced that it disturbs my neighbors. So we'll see. Tomorrow I have off, so I plan to get some major work done then!