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Roses for someone at my practicum:

i-spy swap

About two weeks ago, I found a I-Spy squares swap. I've always wanted to participate in a swap, and I love the idea of making an I-Spy quilt. So I asked to participate, and I carefully followed the directions. I submitted 200 squares - 20 squares each of ten different novelty fabrics.

my submitted fabrics

I am proud to say that I didn't purchase any fabric for this swap - I pulled ten fabrics from my stash. You can see my selections above. First is a ducky print, followed by a white-on-teal print of elephants. Then there are two different cat prints, a print of cherries and sprinkles, and a print of sneakers. There are also robots, frogs, jungle animals on red, and little birds on a wire. The sneaker and jungle animal prints were purchased awhile ago from a thrift shop, so I am going to claim that they are vintage. The birds on a wire print might as well be vintage - I bought that fabric back in 2008 for a bag I was making (and never finished) for my sister.

You can see other submitted squares at Hammer & Thread. I can't wait to see all the squares I'm going to get back!


[today I learned] half-rectangle triangles

Today I learned to make half-rectangle triangles! I followed this tutorial (which I've read about a hundred times). It is surprisingly easy, except for the tricky bit where you have to hold pieces together strangely. But that could be easily solved with pins (I just don't do pins). So far, I've made like 24 half-rectangle triangles. The process makes two at once, so it goes pretty fast.

I'll be sharing more about this project in the future, but for now it's a secret!


sassycat and crafting

all wrapped up on scrap strips 
being ridiculous next to my cutting mat

christmas is coming...

cute little trees

Now that Halloween has passed, it's really time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays! I posted earlier about starting my Christmas presents, but now that the deadline is steadily approaching, I've really begun to ramp up my crafting!

My to-do list still has way too many items on it - from a quilt to a cross-stitch or two and many other projects. I've crossed four names off my list so far, but there are six people left! Here's hoping I can get it all done in time.

Here are some recent pictures of pretty Christmas scraps... I'll give you to guess what projects I used these fabrics for!

santa hat!