sewing machine...fixed!

Hooray! Apparently the problems I was having were due to a) a broken darning foot, b) a wrong size of bobbin, and c) a misplaced needle. So I was lucky enough to drop it off yesterday and get it back today. I've tested out some free motion quilting on a small quilt sandwich (I didn't want to risk messing up on my quilt again) and so far so good!
Tomorrow is going to be a good quilting day.


sewing machine broken... again

So it appears that either my sewing machine wasn't properly repaired when I took it in a few weeks ago or there is something else wrong with it. It skips stitches when free-motion quilting, and the needle occasionally hits something metal that definitely shouldn't be there. Luckily the shop that repaired it last time guarantees their repairs for 60 days, so I'm covered. It's super frustrating to be without my beloved machine, though - especially because I was part-way through quilting the black and yellow baby quilt!


quilt top two for quilts for kids

Today I finished a second quilt top for the Quilts for Kids charity! This quilt top came together pretty quickly in an evening, but I just added the final borders.

It's an adorable black, yellow and white mixture of prints I bought in a charm pack (don't you just love charm packs?). I used this pattern by Katinka Brusselsprouts. It was so-o easy, but it looks complicated. The quilt top ended up about 35" by 42" - perfect for a baby quilt! I've never made a quilt this small, and I'm loving so fast it came together.
I didn't make any sort of pattern for the blocks - I just made sure each set of three had no repeating fabrics, and then tried to make sure that the same fabric didn't touch anywhere (you can see one spot where this sort of nonchalant planning did not work out in the favor). Overall, I think this quilt is an refreshing take on a baby quilt.
I have several more charm packs in the same variety of prints, and now I'm scouring the internet looking for more cute quilt patterns so I can use them up.
Now I have two completed quilt tops - and still no batting, so I can't finish the quilts. Got to make the long trek to Jo-Ann's to pick up some nice low-loft batting!


quilt top for quilts for kids complete!

Recently I decided to start donating the quilts that I make to a charity called Quilts for Kids. I love to quilt, but I don't need a bunch of lap-sized quilts in child-friendly fabrics - and some kids out there do!
Today I finished the quilt top for the first (of many) quilts to be donated. You might recognize the fabric from the last post... the quilt top is composed of pinks, blues, yellows, and a fun owl print. I used a disappearing nine-patch pattern. Overall, I think it's adorable.
I don't have the materials on hand to complete it, so it's off to start another quilt top!


new fabrics

Yesterday I went to Jo-Ann's fabrics to pick up some backing fabric for the quilt I'm making for my mother. While I was there, I fell in love with some fabrics and just had to pick them up too! I have a selection of yellows, pinks and blue inspired by the owl print fabric I found first. Then I have a very pink selection of fabrics for another quilt. I plan on making these lap-sized and following the quilt-a-long that Obsessively Stitching posted (I used this tutorial for my last quilt also). I like these easy quilts - they will be a nice break from the monster-sized quilt that I'm making from my mother. I plan to give them away once they are completed. I just like making them!


a break from sewing

A few days ago, my sewing machine broke. The top thread wouldn't pull up the bobbin thread. I tried cleaning it, rethreading it, using different thread and bobbin, etc etc, all to no avail. So yesterday I took it to get looked at by a professional. I'd already decided that if the repairs were going to be under $100, I would have it repaired, and if it were going to be more, I'd just buy a new machine (there is one I've been eyeing, that my mother has).
I took it to one shop, and they said it'd be at least $60 just to look at it. Also that shop was weird and basically from the 1950s. So I took it to another, very nice sewing center and they gave me a free estimate. $90-100 to fix it. Sigh. It must be done. But at least the lady there was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what was wrong with my poor machine (the timing is off). Now I am without my sewing machine until at least Monday, and it is terrible!
At least I went back to my practicum yesterday and today, so I didn't have as many empty hours to fill. But what will I do this weekend? I have cross-stitching to do, so I suppose I can do that. But I will miss my machine!


free printables

While browsing oneprettything.com today, I found this cool printable from Font Crafts. It is now hanging in my sewing room. Isn't it fabulous? I love pink. And glitter. I had just painted my nails dark purple/red with sparkles when I found this poster, and it was just perfect.

I also found this sweet heart poster, which is now resting on Adam's desk, a nice surprise for when he wakes up.

new year resolutions


  1. to be a good wife
  2. to be a good friend
  3. to craft more!

completed: emily and adam cross-stitch

For our anniversary, Adam is getting me (or allowing) professional photographs of us taken. It's our paper anniversary, and photos are printed on paper. So that works. For him, though, I knew I wanted to do something similar to the photographs - but with a crafty twist! Remember these cross-stitch portraits? Well, I had the same Etsy crafter (Wee Little Stitches) make a pattern of me and Adam, and yesterday I whipped it up rather belatedly for him.
The pattern calls for me to have long hair (as I did until last week), so I tried to alter it to have short hair and I don't love the look. Oh well! I added the three hearts as well - and that's a change that I like.
I do love the 4x4 inch mirrored frame that I found to put the cross-stitch in. It looks lovely. especially with the silver-threaded Aida that is totally my new favorite.
We also exchanged cards, because cards are made of paper. Also because I love cards. Overall, it was a lovely low-key first anniversary!


happy new year and happy anniversary

A year ago today I married my best friend. Here's to this great year together and many more!