[completed] halloween pillow cover

halloween pillow!
 First of all... Happy Halloween!

To celebrate the holiday, I acquired a festive print, and made a pillow cover for an 18 x 18 pillow form. I followed this tutorial for making a flanged pillow cover. I eliminated the muslin backing, because I did not feel that the pillow cover would need it. I think that would have stiffened the flange, but I'm okay with it the way it is.


I agonized over cutting the fabric, because the design wasn't printed quite straight, but I think the cover came out adorable despite any little imperfections. I just love this fabric. Halloween typically isn't my favorite holiday to decorate (I'm not a big fan of ghosts and ghouls), so I was happy to find something I liked. (Our house is all decorated for the treat-or-treaters thanks to my mother-in-law - hopefully we'll get some kiddos!)


The back has a simple overlapping envelope enclosure. That makes it quick and easy to change out the cover. I have to make another cover for this pillow, as Halloween will be over soon!


[completed] elephant mug rug

completed elephant mug rug!
Recently, I participated in a "Secret Pal" swap. My giftee likes sewing, elephants, and the color red. I decided to combine her interests into a little mug rug! I made up the measurements, and whipped up this little cutie! I put it in a gift bag along with some hot cocoa. Perfect for fall.

 I found an elephant shape that I liked through a google search, and used Steam-a-Seam to fuse the appliques onto the background fabric. Then I simply stitched around the shapes!

closeup of the stitching
 I used a small zig-zag to stitch around the shapes, and used red thread. I've since found different settings for the zig-zag that produce nicer, tighter lines, but you live and learn, right?

closeup of the finished mug rug!
I finished the mug rug by free-motion quilting squiggles and loops in the background, and then bound it in homemade matching binding.

Pretty cute, right? And super easy!

[completed] rainbow hexagon coaster

sassy being a goofball
So I have been crafting lately - I just haven't been documenting the things I made! Here's a mini-post with one of my recent finishes!

hexagon coaster!

I recently made a rainbow hexagon coaster, following this tutorial. It was surprisingly easy and fast to finish. I love it! I am super proud of a my rainbow hexagon coaster, especially because it was made entirely out of scraps!

coaster in action
It's almost - almost - too pretty to use.


[completed] tshirt memory quilt

back and front
 Today, I finally finished my cousin's tshirt memory quilt, which I started back in August. I was going to keep this finished quilt a surprise, but I don't think he'll ever see this post, so I think I'm safe.

So here it is!

the front

The front is composed of differently-sized squares and rectangles cut from 21 of his tshirts, sashed with red, black, navy, white and grey solids. I finished it off with a scrappy border from the leftover solid fabrics. I was provided with over 40 tshirts, and I chose these because of the similar theme (sports), and the quality and sizes of the shirts. I love the random pop of the one orange shirt.

closeup of the top

 I took some of the details from the shirts that were too small to use int the quilt top, and appliqu├ęd these pieces onto some of the open spaces in the quilt. I think these extra additions made the quilt top more interesting, and also incorporated more of his shirts.

I did a large (think gigantic) stipple for the quilting, and used grey thread so that the quilting wouldn't be super obvious. I wanted the tshirts to be the focus of the quilt. The quilting turned out really well - it was fast, and because it was so big, the quilt maintains soft and flexible.

the back
I initially was going to make an interesting back with some extra tshirts, but I ultimately decided on a solid backing.  My cousin requested red, grey or blue for the backing, and I chose grey. I like the contrast between the super busy and vibrant quilt front, and the calmness of the solid back. I like that it is versatile.

I bound the quilt in homemade straight-grain navy binding, and used a zig-zag stitch to attach the binding to the quilt. Once again, the binding was my nemesis in this quilt, but I think my mistakes were pretty minor and ultimately unnoticeable.

adam modeling the quilt
The quilt finished at a generous 60 x 90, so that my cousin will be able to use it as a big throw or on a twin bed.

I will be sending it to him for Christmas - I hope he likes it! I am happy to report that despite starting this quilt back in August, I have completed it ahead of schedule!

Now... onto the other quilts I have to make before Christmas rolls around!

crafting update

I'm still alive and crafting! I have actually been crafting a lot of late, but almost all of it has been early Christmas presents, so I can't post pictures or give specifics. In general, though... I've completed one Christmas gift this week, and am almost done with the tshirt memory quilt I'm making for my cousin. All that is left is stitching on the binding, which we all know is just my absolute favorite part. Only not.

I have made up Christmas to-do list after to-do list, and am slowly chipping away at the gifts. I know I still have like three months, but last year I was scrambling at the end, and I'm determined not to be that way this year. Also, I like making lists. I am trying not to be overly ambitious this year, but I have a total of five quilts being given out, so clearly I'm not succeeding. Two of the five are complete, one is almost complete, and two haven't even been started. I am tempted to add on a few more ideas, but I'm trying to be strong. I just love to make and give away crafty things!

I have done a few crafts that aren't gifts (or at least, are staying in my house), so I will post about those soon!