Fun Times in San Diego

Because I'm on a trip, all my blog updates will be "life" updates rather than crafting updates. I haven't even cross-stitched in like three days! Sorry for the delay in your regular crafting programming.
Today was a fun day. My sister and I went for a photo-taking walk this morning, enjoying the sun and the flowers. Then my sister, aunt, cousin, and cousin's girlfriend all went out for high tea early (at least for me!) this morning. I got to wear a new dress that my sister got me for my birthday. Tea was tasty, and filling - it's amazing how all those tiny little things can fill you up so fast! We had "Paris" tea, and "Kensington Court" tea, and "Indian Chai" tea, and lastly "Chocolate Mint" tea. They were all delicious, although my favorite was probably the "Kensington Court". Every tea cup, saucer, plate and piece of silverware was adorable and unique. It was a delightful way to pass the morning. My family enjoys doing high tea for special occasions, and having family all together again after such a long time apart certainly counts as a special occasion!
Then, when we got home, all of us young'ins played a board game for a bit. I did not win, sadly.
Then my sister and I spent some quality time with our grandmother before heading down to Ocean Beach again to visit the antique shops and try to find gifts for our significant others. Some of the antique shops were full of really singular pieces that I wish I could take home - awesome mirrors and chandeliers and candle holders. I did find a pair of fake-Chanel earrings that I will be rocking, and a gift for Adam. My sister found a break-apart hula hoop in a hippie shop along Newport Ave, something a I didn't even know existed.
We sampled a little sushi, a food neither of us can get at home, and then returned to our aunt's house. The agenda for tonight: dinner and socializing before bed - tomorrow we go to the zoo!

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