Ocean Beach

Today I got to go to Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA. The weather was beautiful, although not nearly as hot as Missouri (or indeed, hot enough to go swimming), and the sand was the perfect temperature of warm without being scorching. I wore my adorable sparkly white flipflops (the ones that once got me thrown out of the Whiteman AFB dining facility), but somehow ended up with tar on one of my feet! I wasn't the only one - 3/5 of the people at the beach with me somehow got it on their feet too! Bizarre. I guess that's what you get for walking along the beach! It was a pain to get off. For future reference: nail polish remover works well.
There were some impressively large waves, and it was a shame that the water was pretty frigid. Two of my companions attempted the weather, but it was too cold, although other Californians seemed to be splashing around comfortably enough. Maybe they were made of stronger stuff than us.
I've been cross-stitching in the evenings still, but in the day time, it's all about enjoying the sun!

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