Zoo Trip!

Today I got to go to the world-famous San Diego Zoo with my sister and cousin. We went to the park around 11AM and stayed until 5PM, managing to see the entirety of the zoo over the day. Our feet were pretty sore by the end of it!

I had an obsession with signs for "Easy Street". I took a picture of every street sign I found, and ended up with like eight different shots.

I also took about eight hundred shots of flamingos, including pictures of baby flamingos and eggs. This shot was one of my favorites.

These ducklings are so cute! I loved watching them swim around. I know these aren't the most exciting of animals, but they definitely capture the adorableness of the plethora of baby animals on display at the zoo.

I love meerkats! They are so sweet. This little guy was the sentry on duty while I was observing his exhibit, and I took about a bazillion shots of him from various angles. Look at that adorable face.

This sign was a better look at a hippo than I got in real life.

I don't remember what kind of monkey this is, but he's pretty cute. Pretty hairy too.

These red-eyed black birds were everywhere inside one of the many aviaries at the zoo.

Masks, so you too can be a lion or a tiger or a bear, oh my!


I did end up buying a little zoo ornament and some post cards, but resisted all other temptations. Overall, it was a super fun day!

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  1. Wish I could have been there- sounds like great fun.