Completed Project: Princess Tote Bag

I so enjoyed making that first draft tote bag, I decided to make another one. The theme of this bag is "princess", with the adorable, glittery lining fabric decorated with whimsical crowns and wands and the gold crown cross-stitch. This one incorporated a few more elements - homemade stitched straps, interfacing, an outside slip pocket made out of a cross-stitched crown, an appliqued heart on the back and an inside zippered pocket. I wanted to experiment with using a cross-stitched piece in the outside of the bag, so I whipped up a metallic gold crown to play with. I've decided I don't love it as a pocket - it puffs out too much. I'll probably use future cross-stitched pieces as inset pieces instead.
I made this bag a bit smaller - only 18 x 13 inches before seaming. It's still a good size, although I might go back to the 20 x 13 for my sister's bag. I definitely liked using the interfacing - it gives the bag a little more stiffness and body. And of course I like the inside zippered pocket, which was surprisingly easy to make (this was my second time making one, so I wasn't completely in the dark). I used this tutorial by Sew Mama Sew as a refresher. I love the lavender zipper with the colors of the fabric.
Overall, I think it's adorable. I have no idea what to do with it now that it's finished.

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