I learned a new skill: Free motion quilting!

So I've always finished my quilts by either tying them (see: quick and easy) or stitching in the ditch (see: no skill required). For the quilt I'm making now, I decided I would learn free motion quilting (see: stippling) in order to finish it in a more "professional" manner. I used three great online tutorials to get me started: a tutorial by Oh Fransson!, a tutorial (with video!) by Prudent Baby and a description (with videos!) by Obsessively Stitching. All of them were really helpful, and as you can see, I have accomplished (some) free motion quilting! I'm going to practice more before I attempt it on a real quilt - I have $1.50 per yard fabric (fabulous!) and some extra batting so I can make mini quilts to practice on.
Now, there are two camps in the free motion quilting world, I've discovered: those who believe in crossing over their lines (see: Prudent Baby), and those who definitely do not (see: Obsessively Stitching and Oh Fransson!). I belong firmly in the first camp. I see no reason why I shouldn't cross over my lines, and it's way more fun.
This mini quilt sandwich, the first of many, feels so cool. I love the texture that free motion quilting gives! I'm so excited about this new skill!

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  1. so cool, congrats! Now you have a quilting skill that your mother does not (yet) have. Good for you