Adventures in Pottery

this is what happens when I do it myself
As part of my adventures in art, I took a three-week pottery class. It was my first pottery experience since high school. I made three things - a mug, a handle-less mug/bowl/thingamajig, and a secret present for Adam.
It was my first time throwing pottery on a pottery wheel, and as you can see, my solo attempt (left) didn't turn out so well. It's a bit lopsided. I didn't put a handle on it, because I didn't have time and because I think I'll use it as a catch-all cup. The glaze is awesome on this cup-thing - it goes on clear with little tiny red and blue speckles and ends up with big splotches of color. I painted the inside of the cup a matching red. Very patriotic.
The second mug is pretty nice, mug-shaped and complete with a (slightly wonky) handle. The glaze on this one is similar - it went on orange with big speckles of mixed colors, and ended up with yellow and green spots of color. I painted the inside black for maximum contrast. The glaze has a cool texture to it.
this is the result when I have help
Overall, I'm pretty pleased for my first attempt. I don't think I'll pursue pottery as a hobby - it's too messy for me. And I'd have to take more classes because it's not something I can just do at home. My instructor offers courses at the community center of a local town, so that is always an option. I like the end result, but I don't really like the process. And I don't really need another hobby!
The third piece, my present for Adam, is my favorite of the bunch that I made. I'll post about it after Christmas.

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