WIP: Christmas Cross-stitches

 Today I am working on Christmas presents. Surprise, surprise.
These skeins of embroidery floss are the raw materials for a few cross-stitches I'm aiming to complete today. (Well, a few might be a bit ambitious... I want to complete at least one)
Aren't the colors pretty? I am willing to wager that you cannot guess what the cross-stitches will portray.
I've been working on both Aida and evenweave linen lately. I am beginning to prefer the linen, even though it is more difficult to see the holes and count the squares in the linen. It's prettier in the end, though, so that extra difficulty seems to be worth it. I wish I could buy linen in different colors, though - I can only find it in cream. Which is a lovely color, but a little variety would be nice.
It's a nice lazy Sunday today, and I'm glad to be working on something pretty for someone else.

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  1. awesome! I'm working through most of my christmas presents. Especially trying not to purchase more project things because i have soo many.