a break from sewing

A few days ago, my sewing machine broke. The top thread wouldn't pull up the bobbin thread. I tried cleaning it, rethreading it, using different thread and bobbin, etc etc, all to no avail. So yesterday I took it to get looked at by a professional. I'd already decided that if the repairs were going to be under $100, I would have it repaired, and if it were going to be more, I'd just buy a new machine (there is one I've been eyeing, that my mother has).
I took it to one shop, and they said it'd be at least $60 just to look at it. Also that shop was weird and basically from the 1950s. So I took it to another, very nice sewing center and they gave me a free estimate. $90-100 to fix it. Sigh. It must be done. But at least the lady there was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what was wrong with my poor machine (the timing is off). Now I am without my sewing machine until at least Monday, and it is terrible!
At least I went back to my practicum yesterday and today, so I didn't have as many empty hours to fill. But what will I do this weekend? I have cross-stitching to do, so I suppose I can do that. But I will miss my machine!

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