quilting away...

can you see where I've quilted?
I now have half of the sea creature quilt nicely quilted. It is taking a lot longer than expected - isn't that always the way with quilting? I thought the "straight" (zig-zag, in this case) lines would go fast, but I'm doing the lines very close together (using the edge of the presser foot as a guide). All those bazillions of lines take awhile!
I love how the lines are almost invisible in this photo, yet totally visible in person. The lines are subtle enough to allow the print to shine, but add a nice wavy texture to the quilt up close.
There are some issues with my backing being just barely too small, but I think it will work out fine. I haven't sorted out the binding quite yet. I am leaning towards white, to keep the clean modern lines of the quilt intact (and also because I don't have another appropriate color fabric in my stash).

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