sea creatures quilt done being quilted

the front
 Last night, I finished quilting the sea creatures quilt. Huzzah! Those zig-zags took just about forever, and took a lot of thread. I love the texture that the zig-zags created, especially on the back. I ended up trimming an inch off each side of the quilt because the quilt top stretched out as I was quilting it and the back was not big enough. I knew that was a risk when I started - the back was barely big enough when I was basting.  I didn't use the basting spray on this quilt. I don't think I used enough pins, because I got some puckering on the back (not pictured). So that is a good lesson for the future.
Now I just need to make and attach the binding (which will be green), and the quilt will be done!

the back

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