Almost finished with quilt for grandma

so pretty

I am in the process of making the binding now. By tomorrow it should be done done done. Huzzah!
I did a large meander pattern in each block, but left the two-inch sashing untouched.
The back of the quilt is that same beautiful floral print featured on the front, which totally swallows up all the quilting and hides it. Which is just as well, since I had some of that evil eyelashing effect happening in the beginning. I jacked up my tension setting to 7 1/2 and that seemed to solve the problem. I was able to go a lot faster after that adjustment. The quilting didn't take as long or use as much thread as usual because the pattern was so much bigger. I am super happy so far. Hopefully the binding goes smoothly, and then the quilt will be finished in plenty of time for the birthday deadline in April.

close-up of the quilting

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