completed: floral pinwheels quilt

About a week ago, I finished the floral pinwheels quilt, but due to the rainy weather, I never got any pictures taken of the completed quilt. So today, I took it out into the sun and snapped a few shots so that I could finally blog about it.
The quilt finished at a square 57 x 57 inches. (According to the pattern, it was supposed to be 60 x 60, and I'm not quite sure what happened to those extra inches!).
The front is a set of nine pinwheels with a scrappy border.
The back was Adam's idea - a giant pinwheel utilizing the leftover yellow floral print fabric featured on the front of the quilt and also incorporating some white-and-pink floral print flannel. The giant pinwheel was a nightmare to create, but it looks (and feels) awesome now that it is completed.
I quilted around each pinwheel with a tight zig-zag stitch, and also quilted over each seam to add extra strength to the quilt. I did loop-de-loop free motion quilting in the border.
We ran out of spray-baste while basting this quilt, so the bottom two layers were lightly spray-basted and the top was pinned on. It worked out alright, but there are a few puckers that I could live without. I used medium-loft batting (as opposed to my usual low-loft) to give the quilt a little extra oomph.
closeup of the quilting
Overall, I'm pretty happy with the quilt. It will be gifted to someone special pretty soon!

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