because-you're-loved ring

because-you're-loved ring and birthday flower

Today I had to take care of some pain-related business that took me to a more civilized (i.e., shopping-focused) section of Missouri. While I was there, I took one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to a jewelry store to be fixed and resized. The ring was bought for me by my mother and sisterduring a low period of my life, and it's my because-you're-loved ring because a) it's beautiful, and b) it always reminds me of them and their love.
Unfortunately, changes had made it so I couldn't wear the ring anymore - it was too small for my middle finger and too big for my ring finger. So I took it to be resized, and good thing I did - one of the blue topaz stones was loose! Now it fits perfectly, and is (presumably) nice and secure.
I tried to get an action shot of the ring on my hand, but it's nearly impossible to take a nice picture of one's hand. That's why there are professional hand models, I suppose.

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