birthday craft project

sewing machine cover!

Today I had a pretty good birthday. To celebrate, I took time off from writing papers and embarked on my first time using a traditional paper pattern. I found Simplicity A2106, which is a pattern for a sewing machine cover, at Wal-Mart a few days ago. Today I decided to try and make it. And make it I did.
Working from a paper pattern was difficult for me, as there are minimal instructions included with the pattern and lots of flimsy pattern pieces to cut out and then cut around. But I made it work! It was my first time making prairie points (which are super easy), and first time using pom-poms.

prairie points

I choose black and white prints, and then used the white pom-poms (as included in the pattern) for decoration.
My cover doesn't stand up as nicely as the one shown on the pattern - there isn't any interfacing, so a little floppiness is to be expected. Also, the cover is quite a bit larger than my machine.
The cover is lined with fleece for padding (I guess?) and then lined again with pretty fabric to hide the fleece. There is a handle on top for easy removal and handling, and a large slip pocket (topped with pom-poms) on each side.

pom-poms and pocket

Overall, it was a successful project, although I'm not sure I would say "It's So Easy" as it was advertised. But it wasn't really difficult, just time-consuming. My cover is far from perfect, mostly because sewing over the pom-poms is nearly impossible. If I were to make it again, I would definitely make some changes. But I'm pleased - and it really doesn't require much fabric.
Now, why did I choose this time to make a sewing machine cover? One, because I've heard covers help keep machines clean. And second, because I got a new shiny Singer 9960 for my birthday! You know, the one I wanted. It's still in its box waiting for a free moment. I wanted to have a cover for it before I exposed it air and dust and sunlight. The manual, which I've read cover to cover, says the machine shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight, which is a problem in my sunny sewing machine. Solution: this cover!

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