wip: remnant quilt

fabrics from the remnant bin

I can't finish my black and white wip because I don't have any batting for it yet, so I decided to start another work-in-progress! Call me crazy. I have a strange addiction to buying remnants, and so I pulled a bunch of remnants out of my fabric bin (which is red and from Target and awesome) for this quilt. It will be a gender-neutral quilt, and I'm going to use the same pattern (that I designed, yay!) as the black and white quilt top. I had more than enough yardage of each fabric, so I got to use my original dimensions again. I will probably use up the leftover fabrics to make a scrappy binding for the quilt.
I need to get batting! I like 80/20 cotton/poly batting, and it is increasingly difficult to find. 100% polyester batting just isn't as nice, so I will have to make a trip to Jo-Ann's soon to track down some batting!

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