completed: 10 minute wrist rest

wrist rest
I have been playing a lot of Diablo III (which is a new computer game, if you are living under a rock), but my left wrist always ends up hurting from resting on the hard computer case. It's been cramping my style. Literally.
So today, I devised a quick and easy solution: a handmade wrist rest! Store-bought rests can run up to $15 - which is ridiculous. I made mine for under $2!
I used a piece of leftover fabric from another project, folded it in half, and cut along the fold to make two equally-sized pieces. I stitched the two pieces right-sides-together, leaving a gap to turn it right-side-out. Then I filled the resulting pouch three-quarters of the way full with rice, stitched along the top to close it, and voila! A cute wrist rest!
If I had wanted to be fancy, I could have secured the gap with a hidden ladder stitch, or stitched all the way around the bag before filling it with rice so that the top seam wouldn't be out-of-place. But I was going for functionality over beauty today.

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