evolution of quilters?

picture of Sassin on my ironing board
because a blog post isn't complete without a picture

I just read a really interesting post over at The Sometimes Crafter about the evolution of quilters. Basically, she talks about how we start out as newbies who just want to get the project done, evolve to intermediate quilters who begin to really hone their skills and work toward perfection, and the advanced quilters who know how to do everything, have all the tools, and create those amazing quilts we've all seen on the internet.

I think I am an intermediate quilter on this simple scale - I don't rush just to complete projects, but I don't always take those extra, time-consuming steps to make sure that all my seams match up and my projects are perfect. I definitely think I have progressed a lot from my early days (for instance, I used to tie quilts. The horror!), but I definitely still have a lot to learn. Some of that is improving my skills, but some of it is also changing a mindset.

It will be interesting to see how my quilts progress in the future!

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  1. Interesting, thoughtful post. Your skills and confidence have definately progressed, a lot! Your confidence in your taste, the boldness of your designs, your willingness to 'step out' a bit- all these have grown along with your technical skills. I think the baby/lap quilts were great for your growth as a quilter- big enough to try things out, small enough to finish relatively quickly, going to be donated to Quilts for Kids so you felt freer- you weren't so permanently tied to the results.
    Good work, girl!