wip: super secret present quilting update

sneaker quilting
I am officially so bored of quilting sneakers. I've been mixing it up with different shapes, both tracing and free-handing. I have found that it is possible to trace a paper cutout as well as cardboard stencils, but requires a lot more careful stitching, as it is much easier to accidentally sew over paper than cardboard. (If you do make such a mistake, don't worry. It is fairly easy to rip the offending paper or cardboard out of the stitches).

It takes a lot of 3x5 sneakers to fill at 95x75 quilt. It also takes a lot of thread. There is a reason quilters will tell you to fill a bunch of bobbins before getting started free-motion quilting - it is so easy to lose momentum when you run out of thread and have to stop to refill the bobbin. That loss of momentum is the reason I am blogging right now!

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