[completed] patchwork lanyard

I haven't had much time to craft or sew lately, due to (finally!) starting my new job. I've been attending trainings about 2 hours away, so I haven't even been home much!

Yesterday I finally sat down and sewed up a quick project. The lanyard for my keys broke recently, and I've been wanting a replacement. After a bit of Internet searching, I found a quick tutorial. I followed the basic principle outlined in the tutorial, but the process was quite simple.

I had a bunch of 2x3" fabric scraps from cutting fabrics for an I-spy swap awhile back, so I chose nine of the scraps, sewed then together at the short ends, pressed the seams open, folded the long resulting patchwork piece in half and the pressed the edges inward and folded in half again so that I got a narrow long strap with all the raw edges enclosed. I stitched down each side, slid the edges through my hardware and stitched it all together.

Easy and quick! Honestly the longest part of the whole process was the pressing. 

I am very happy with my new key lanyard!

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