[completed] sassycat silhouettes

Remember these previously hideous frames that I spray painted satin nickel a few days ago? Well, I finally decided what I wanted to use them for - silhouettes of Assassionationcat!

 I have made silhouettes before, and the process is pretty easy. I took two photos of Sassy that I liked, made them black and white and printed them out on regular paper.

sassy is so regal
just look at that face!
Then I took a sharpie and drew an outline around her, making sure to capture some of the fluffiness. I cut out the sharpie-d shape (I found this was actually easier to do on the backside of the paper, where the sharpie had bled through), traced it onto blue cardstock, and carefully cut it out again. This method means that you lose some of the details - it's like playing telephone -but it's pretty simple and doesn't involve any fancy image software. 

I cut ovals out of a gray cardstock and glued the blue silhouettes onto the cardstock. These frames don't have any glass, but that doesn't bother me - I just popped the cardstock into the frame and reattached the back. Glass is overrated.

finished frames!
 I love love love the result. The nickel and the blue and the gray complement each other really well. These framed silhouettes are going to look lovely in my sewing room!

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