Black Bear

In honor of my sister being chased out of an internship by black bears (literally!), I made this little guy. Initially he was going to be a little girl with a red dress, but Tom liked the head so much that I had to switch it up and make the bear a boy with a red shirt and little blue shorts.
The little yellow sign was added later, to add a comforting touch to a bad day.
Unfortunately, our little Assassincat also loves the bear, and seeks to play with it whenever possible. We found him missing the other day, and eventually discovered him under a bookcase. He's a little worse for wear after her enthusiastic attention, but still cute!
I finally got thread that matches most of my felt colors, so I will be able to make such critters with different colored outfits.
My apologies for the poor photos - it's hard to find the right lighting in this apartment! I need to get up earlier and catch the morning light.


  1. This is just too cute for words!
    Love the sign- do I recognize myself?"

  2. I love the bear! I'll try to email you a photo of the mini-tom so you can add it to the blog. Hope the sewing machine gets working soon. I am so in awe that you can use any sewing machine, as I tried once and it was quite a disaster! Keep the blog going. I love it.