It is hard to imagine a real obstacle in the path of making crafty things. You can run out of materials, or the money to purchase more materials. A coffee spill can ruin your best cardstock, or stain your precious fabrics. You can have absolutely no thread that matches your eightybillion colors of felt, as I do. But all of these things are more or less fixable, and they also only stall a project or two at a time.
I have a real problem. And it's name is the Bicor VX-1005. You see, my sewing machine doesn't work. I made the mistake of leaving the machine I was familiar with at home when I moved in favor of the never-opened machine we found in the basement. A machine in a box, with a manual. It seemed like a good idea - easy to move, etc.
No, my friends, it was a massive mistake.
Having never used this machine before I set it up a few nights ago, I was unaware of its tricky threading process, its absolutely useless manual, and its tragic refusal to cooperate.
And this means that I cannot sew. I have been looking forward to sewing, been planning projects, been purchasing supplies, all in anticipation of setting up this machine and getting some work done. And now I am stymied.
Tomorrow I am going to take it to a sewing machine repair shop (such places still exist?), in the hopes that they can tell me what's wrong. It's probably some silly problem that goes back to my ignorance and the manual's uselessness. At least, so I hope! It'd be very sad if there was something actually wrong with the machine, since it's never been used, and I would hate to have to shop for a new sewing machine. Where does one even go to get one?
The absence of a sewing machine caused me to make the little ice cream treats in the previous post, just to satisfy my desire to create. But little felt projects cannot fully replace the feeling of sewing something big and impressive.
Wish me luck - if my machine starts working, you'll be seeing some neat projects around here soon!

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