felt cross paperweight

Adorable, yes? This is another felt creation that was inspired by an item in one of my 'pattern' books, but was not actually cut from a pattern. The cross is full of little plastic pellets, which I also used to fill the gremlins featured in my banner, so it has some weight to it. While more useful than one of my little felt critters, this paperweight still won't really contribute to your household. But it's so fuzzy and pretty that it doesn't much matter.
The back and front are different, as you can see. I haven't decided which is the front, but I definitely prefer the brown side. You can tell which side I did first - one was so much more planned than the other. All the shapes were cut freehand with the exception of the flower, which I'd previously cut out of paper. I'm really pleased with the way this project turned out - it looks handmade, but in an adorable craft-y way rather than in an amateur way. I do wish that the running stitch I used to close the cross looked nicer on the blue side. I'm not sure why those stitches look so much smaller and more uneven.
Making this paperweight was very enjoyable - I've been working on it for a few nights now, but finally had a chance to finish it tonight. It was lovely! We watched the Red Sox play while a giant vat of beef bourguignon simmered in the kitchen, filling the entire apartment with delicious aromas.
That's definitely the way to craft!

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