Introducing: my new fabrics! The photo was not taken in the sun, as I had hoped, because I spent the day out running errands - including getting the blue fleece that serves as the background. I am going to be making this jacket (the orange one) out of the fleece. I found the pattern online a few days ago, and have been thinking about it ever since. I need some business casual looks to wear to work, but I need them to be comfortable. This jacket looked great, and warm, which will be crucial later in the fall. When I ordered the pattern online (everything is less expensive online), I got a huge discount because I've never ordered from McCall's before. I only had to pay for shipping!
So I needed some fleece, and a local craft store was having a sale that ended today on all fleeces, so I had to rush out and get some. I got an extra yard just in case - I want to lengthen the sleeves, and I've never made an article of clothing before, so having a safety margin is a great comfort. Plus, as I mentioned, it was on sale. If I managed to successfully make this garment, I will have a super inexpensive sweater jacket! I envision having a whole series of this sweater in different colors. I chose this light blue (with Tom's input), because the color is very versatile in my wardrobe. I know fleece isn't the most fashionable fabric, but it works well for playing outside with little children, and I have a huge love for super-soft materials. (Also clothing for my job is difficult - I need to look professional, but I also need clothing that can withstand running around outside, playing, and the occasional addition of paint or dirt). Any extra fabric I have is going to be made into cuddly toys.
The only problem (beside the fact that I've never made clothing before) is that a size four is the smallest size included in the pattern. That might be a teensy bit big on me, so I may have to make some adjustments.
The other fabrics came from an etsy shop (if you are unfamiliar with etsy, go and investigate it right now - I am totally obsessed). There is a fat quarter (equivalent to a fourth of a yard, but cut differently) of each fabric. The rightmost quarter was a dollar (so I had to get it), and the other four came in a pack. I absolutely love the fabric with the hearts, and the fabric with the yellow birds. I cannot wait to use those for some adorable project. I'm not sure what I'll do with the faux-newspaper doggie print. The articles on it are actually kind of hilarious, so it might need to be made into something relatively large.
Now I just need my sewing machine back. I want to sew so badly it hurts!

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