Why hello there!
Welcome to Craft the Pain Away, a blog chronicling the useless yet cute objects made by a bostonian (me!) in exile. Hopefully you'll get a chance to see my work and find information about online and print tutorials and inspirations.
After my graduation this spring, I moved to STL with my beloved yet busy boyfriend, and the copious free time I now have (apparently my classes really did consume my life) means I can return to my love of crafting. Working as a child care assistant in a local Montessori school also inspires me to make adorable things for children, especially my much younger siblings.
I've been making little and not-so-little things my whole life - my wonderful mother infused me with a love of handmade creations. She made quilts and clothes and doll clothes during my childhood, and taught me (sometimes confusingly!) how to make quilts and things for other people. There are a great many things I've made in the past that won't be featured on this blog (what did happen to all those baby quilts?), but the ones I've made this summer and in the future will be shown and discussed.
The name of the blog, if you were wondering, was Tom's clever idea. It's a play on the title of a Peaches song. I'm not going to repeat that title here (it involves a swear word, I'm afraid, and I don't endorse her advice), but the song is especially nostalgic because it's in Lost in Translation, one of my favoritest movies. The movie also relates to my life - the melancholy feeling of being lonely in a foreign city. I have Tom and my kitten, Sassy, so I'm not as bad off as Bill Murray (although he had Scarlett Johannsen, so maybe I'm actually worse off), but having no friends over 3 years of age in a new city is a bit saddening. Hence crafting the pain away!
Don't worry, this blog won't be emo.

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