I scream, you scream

For ice cream! Here are my two latest creations. The chocolate ice cream bar was made yesterday, and the strawberry was just completed during the end of tonight's Top Design episode.These were not made from any pattern - I cut the shapes freehand. I was inspired to do these little guys when I went to the Strange Folk festival two weekends ago. I saw some stuffed ice cream softies there, and decided I had to try it myself.
I think these could definitely be improved - I'm still a bit new at working with felt (I've made three other felt creatures, a bunny you will never see because it's in Taiwan now, a mini-Tom and a bear). I like the embroidered eyes better than the felt versions.
Tom rather loves these ice cream creatures (better than I do, actually), and sees himself as the chocolate bar and me as the strawberry. This amuses me because Tom's favorite flavor is strawberry, so he ought to be that flavor. But the pink just needed to be a girl. I will be doing a french vanilla version shortly.
If you click on the picture, you can see an enlarged version that will show you all my uneven stitching.

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  1. It's even better when you design them yourself (though it often takes a couple of tries to get it right, in my experience). These are really cute, especially in a pair.