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Oh em gee this week has been kind of insane. I'm still getting over my cold, and somehow the kiddlings have been more tiring than usual. I also had a super-awesome Friday and Saturday - and all those fun activities probably didn't help! But it was worth it - Tom and I celebrated my birthday (very belatedly, but that's ok) by going out to a life-changing brunch, painting an awesome (but yet unfinished) plate at a pottery place, and watching the Red Sox make an amazing comeback in a game. Also, he surprised me by taking me out to get a bracelet for my birthday, since the last one I had broke. It's getting shortened, so I don't have it yet, but I love it and it's a grown-up piece of jewelery (unlike my baby birthday present, which was a little inexpensive brass necklace with a bunny charm on it).
So - long story short, I haven't gotten very much work done on my many projects! I have cut several of the pieces for my fleece jacket, but haven't started sewing yet. So my jacket is still on my list of works-in-progress, along with my wallet pattern, and my lunch bag. Of course there are also all my little on-going projects like plushies and wallets. I did make a button-decorated hair tie the other night and have been wearing it to work, so that's something! I'll post about it later.

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