So a few weeks ago, before this blog was born, I discovered the wonders of marble magnets on etsy. I love the "pounce" feature on etsy, as it shows you random things that have just been sold. I was going through it when I saw some super cute glass magnets. They were bright and happy and colorful, and I coveted them. I almost bought them when I realized it might be possible to make some myself. So I searched on google, and found some instructions. Apparently everyone knows how to make these except me.
These pictures show some of the magnets that I've made. I love them, and am planning to give some as gifts in the near future. The flowery ones are actually made from cloth. I got an awesome scrap bag of fabrics at the Strange Folk festival a few weeks ago, and have been finding uses for all these little pretty pieces of cloth. The red, white and black set are made from the paper Target bag in which my photos come. Oddly, it seems there was some bleeding through the paper from the magnets - you can see the little black spots on some of the Target magnets. I'm going to try some different magnets to see if that resolves the problem. This set is for me anyway - I love the colors and the words. Did you know the word "hot" is in the word "photo"?

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  1. The magnets are awesome! I must be way out of the loop as I'd never seen them before. Just had to let you know. They are very cool--combines my love of magnets and love of pretty glass things.