Sewing Machine Update

A quick update on the status of my sewing machine should help explain the lack of new content - as long as it remains inoperable, I am constrained to hand-sewing, which is much slower.
I took it to the sewing machine place, where a lady who was not terribly interested in my tragic situation took it and the sample of the stitching that I'd thoughtfully brought, and informed me that it probably needed to be oiled. Apparently sitting around in a basement isn't good for a sewing machine. Who knew? Re-oiling the machine will probably be around $65, which is more than I'd like but less than either a new sewing machine (the process of buying a new sewing machine daunts me incredibly) or having my other one shipped to me (because let's be honest, I'm more likely to use it than anyone else). The shop gives free estimates, so in theory, I will be receiving a call soon about what exactly is wrong with the machine. I dropped it off Thursday, but haven't heard back yet. Hopefully I'll get a call soon - it's so hard to sit around surrounded by awesome fabrics and be unable to utilize them!
I'll be posting pictures of said fabrics soon - as soon as I catch some good sunlight.

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