Shopping spree

So I went on a bit of a shopping spree this afternoon. I started in the fabric section of WalMart (the closest thing I have to a fabric store within 50 miles, sadly), which had a surprisingly good selection of canvas, and of course, their famously inexpensive fabrics. I picked up a yard of black canvas, and two yards of two different fun prints. I'm going to use the canvas and one of the prints as a test tote bag, when I get my sewing machine out of storage, and use the other fabric and more canvas in a to-be-
determined color to do my sister's birthday present.

Then I needed some waste canvas in order to practice cross-stitching on my test canvas (something I can do before I get my sewing machine, thankfully). The closest Michael's didn't carry it. Thank goodness I called before I went to check it out, since it's 45 minutes away! That would have been a bit of a drive for a disappointment. The closest Joann's Fabrics said they might have it, which did not make an hour's drive seem worthwhile. So I ordered some online, and while I was at it, I got some more 14 count Aida in platinum and red, two colors I can't find at Michael's.

Then I needed some webbing and some hardware to finish it all up, so I headed over to JCaroline (which has great how-to's, by the way), and spent very little money. Everything over there is so inexpensive!

Soon I will have everything I need, short of that darn sewing machine. Every day I regret not packing it in the car with me. One more month!

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