Chair WIP Update and Walkthrough of my House!

So today (day three of working on the chairs) I sanded the two chairs, removing the last bits of varnish remover and making everything smooth for priming. I'll probably start priming tomorrow, after the washer and dryer get installed and I start some laundry. Then I'll be almost done! How exciting is that! I don't actually have the paint to finish them... I'm not sold on a color scheme yet. I'm pretty sure black will be involved, but will blue? Probably. I don't have any better ideas. My mother-in-law thinks I should stick with my original plan of spray-painting the chairs, which is tempting because it would be so much faster. But I couldn't do the two different colors that way.

Before I embarked on the magical journey of sanding (which is actually just super boring), Adam and I did a video walkthrough of our house, which you can view here. I acted as camera girl, using my flip video camcorder. It turned out pretty well for a first take with no practice. And Adam makes a lovely host!

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  1. Yay flipvideo
    great to see your house!!

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