Works in Progress and Life Updates

My photo work in progress has changed since last Wednesday. I eliminated the two 2.5x3 inch frames and rearranged the remaining sixteen frames according to the directionality of the photos I selected to be printed. This is my current arrangement - we'll see how long it lasts! It's tricky because both of the 8x10 happen to be horizontal pictures - I feel like that throws off the balance somewhat. Otherwise the photos broke down pretty nicely into four vertical and four horizontal 5x7 and two horizontal and four vertical 4x6 pictures. Not bad given that I didn't consider the directionality of the photos at all when selecting which ones to print. I'm not even sure how many black and white versus color pictures I chose! We'll just have to wait and see when my package comes next week!
I also ordered a 20x30 print of a photo of a bowl of strawberries to hang in the kitchen. I think it will look awesome - and I found a frame for it at Walgreens of all places for only $10! The print will be twice as much as the frame with shipping... oh well!
I've been working on another project as well - stripping (and ultimately painting) the kitchen chairs. It's pretty slow going, especially because I don't really know what I'm doing! So far I have two chairs "done" - i.e, I think they're pretty well stripped. They're definitely a different color and feel from the other two unstripped chairs, so I guess that's a good sign! I bought primer today, so tomorrow I'm going to prime the chairs. I still haven't decided exactly what color I'm going to paint them. Adam wants to do the vertical parts of the chair (the back pegs and the legs) an intense, fairly dark blue and the horizontal parts (the seat and the top of the back) black. I think that would look pretty cool, and it wouldn't fight with my colored stuff (dishes, placemats, etc), but I'm not 100% sold on the idea yet. I still secretly want to paint them orange.
In non-crafty news, today we bought a washer and dryer! It will be delivered on Monday. Huzzah! While I worked on my chairs today, Adam mowed the lawn for the first time in his life with his brand-new lawnmower. We also bought plants and he brightened up the garden. Yay productivity!

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