Christmas in July

I have Christmas on the brain! I've decided to do an entirely handmade Christmas this year (ambitious, I know) and I've been thinking nonstop about gift ideas. Yesterday I did a mockup of one present (which turned out alright, but just goes to show why I do "first drafts") and started another Xmas present. I know it's only July, but I'm not the only one thinking ahead - Jo-Ann Fabrics just sent me an email promoting Christmas fabrics with a promo code for free shipping on orders over $40 (it's XMASJULY and it's good until saturday if you're wondering). I'm not supposed to buy anything until August according to Adam but I might have to take advantage of Jo-Ann's current sales! And if I'm going to do a handmade Christmas without any cheating, I have to start now!
Adam is exempt from the handmade rule - he's allowed to buy gifts for people. It only applies to me. And the rules are as follows: 1) each person must receive a handmade gift, 2) no store-bought gifts at all (except frames for cross-stitches and things of that nature), 3) everyone must receive an ornament in addition to their gift.
Totally do-able, right?
Of course, I have super ambitious plans for my gifts. And I still have another major project (other than my chairs) to do before I can really commit to working on Christmas presents. That present/project requires a cutting mat, which I ordered (and received warped). So it has to wait a little longer until I can figure something out.
Have you thought about Christmas yet?

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