Crafting update

So yesterday I completed the Christmas present I was working on. It's technically a "first draft", but it turned out nice so someone near and dear to me may receive it come December! I would show you a picture, but as basically al my readers are going to receive presents from me (unless I have some stalkers out here that I don't know about), I can't risk ruining the surprise!
I also ordered a bunch more crafting supplies from Jo-Ann's (all on sale, of course!) for more presents. I can't wait for all my new fabric to arrive! I know I know, you're thinking "but Emily, you have so much fabric already!". I know! But I went through it all yesterday and I don't have the right colors or patterns for what I have in mind. I'm using fabric I already have as "first draft" versions, though, so it is getting used up slowly. Not sure what I'm going to do with all these "first draft" projects, though. Some presents I won't be doing a "first draft" for - I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope it comes out the way I want! But of course I don't do first drafts for quilts and the like, so it's not like I have to do them. It's just nice when I'm using a new pattern - sometimes things can get a little wonky the first time, especially if I am adjusting the pattern.
My giant warped cutting mat has been sitting flat with heavy books on top of it, and that seems to be working! Huzzah! I think it got warped from sitting outside in the outrageous heat, and cooling off while flattened is helping to straighten it out. Hopefully it will be all nice and flat again soon so I can use it!
And that's all for now!

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