Completed Project: Fabric Baby Block version 3 !

After painting one of the chairs I'm working on (still! endlessly!) white and doing lots of housework, I decided to reward myself by making another baby block. This one (modeled with my awesome lavender-scented stuffed duck) utilizes the same dark pink fleece as version two, as well as a pink and white printed cotton and a pale pink flannel. There are white, pink, purple and bright yellow ribbons sewn into the seams, as before. This one has a tiny jingle bell inside (I didn't like that I could sometimes feel the bigger jingle bell inside version two), but it makes plenty of noise still.
I struggled again with making the topstitched edges look nice. It's just very tricky to do on a little block, I've decided. I think I'll try a 4x4 block next and see if I can come to a compromise between the small size of the 3x3 and the ease of sewing of the 5x5 block.
By the way - these make great stress relievers for adults! Adam and I have been playing with the 5x5 block quite a bit, and I've been playing with the littler ones as well. They're fun to squeeze and toss into the air!
And I don't know if I mentioned this before, but they are theoretically machine washable. The stuffing is machine washable, the fabrics certainly are, and I can't see any harm coming to the jingle bells inside. And they are like triple-stitched, so they should survive just fine!

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