Completed Project: Fabric Baby Block version 2 !

After a frustrating day hanging pictures around the house and failing to paint my chairs, I decided to give the baby block-making another go. This time I attempted (well, mostly successfully made) a 3x3 inch block. I chose three bright happy colors in different textures - a yellow flannel, a purple cotton and a dark pink fleece. I added ribbons sewn into the seams for more fun and raided my stash for white, pink, dark pink and purple ribbons.
The 3x3 block felt like it took longer than the 5x5 block (although I think it was actually faster) because working on such tiny seams can be frustrating. I'm not 100% happy with the finished product - I think the topstitched edges look a little messy (I used pink thread, so it stands out on the purple especially) and the block doesn't feel as square as the 5x5. But it's definitely a more baby-friendly size!

1 comment:

  1. so cute, both the blocks. nice touch to use different textures