Ta-da! Today I got the custom-made labels I ordered! Aren't they cute? They say "made with love by emily r insertlastnamehere", surrounded with little hearts. Because, if you didn't know already, I love hearts. And yes, I know it's all in lowercase font. I requested it that way. I also love lowercase. I'm so pleased with them! I ordered 90 of them, which doesn't look like a lot now that I have them! But I'm sure 90 will last me quite awhile (at least through Christmas!).
I bought them from Jennifer's Jewels, and had a pretty positive experience. It took Jennifer awhile to get in touch with me with the proof for the labels, but she was super friendly and once I approved the label, she shipped the next day. So next time I order labels, I'll just make sure to either request a rush delivery or just order them well before I run out. Looking ahead, I don't know if I will get the same design next time or not. I like the hearts, of course, but I also might want variety? Or would that diffuse the coolness of having my own label?

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