WIP: QFM (Quilt For Me) Update

See this photo? It includes three piles - a pile of nice 6 by 6 inch squares of fabric in the corner, and a whole bunch of scraps in the foreground. Now, I don't know if you read up on Obsessively Stitching's tutorial/pattern that I'm following, but there aren't supposed to be any scraps. Any. Does that look correct to you?
I prewashed my fabrics (another big debate topic in the quilting world - and one that I waver on myself), and they shrank. Predictably. Unfortunately, they shrank too much to be able to cut Obsessively Stitching's very precise measurements. Sucky, as Adam would say. So off we went (on the bike, eek) on the looong drive to Jo-Ann's, where thankfully I was able to find all the same fabrics. They are now in the wash (once you start prewashing, you can't exactly stop in the middle of a quilt), almost ready to be cut. And then we'll finally be done, almost 6 hours after I started cutting.
Now whether or not my backing fabric will fit when this is all done, we'll have to see... And I'm going to have to think up something ingenious to use all these oddly-sized scraps!

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