WIP: Quilt Top Finished

So the day before yesterday, I completed my quilt top! Yay! Forgive the weirdly lumpy appearance of the quilt top - it's draped over a couch covered in stuff.
I've been a total slacker on the next step, though - basting is not one of my favorite parts of quilt-making. And I've been having tension/thread issues when practicing free motion quilting, so I'm clearly not ready to quilt it in any case. And I still need to assemble (ie, quickly cut and reseam) the backing. I'm going to use a basting spray in addition to pins for the first time on this quilt - I've heard (well, read) great things about it. We'll see! I'll probably baste it as soon as I get the free motion quilting down. And then it will be time to quilt and bind it and then it will be done! I'm half-way there!

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