WIP: Quilt for me

Now, don't tell me I'm crazy (I might be), but today I bought fabric for another quilt. I know, I know. I really don't need another project right now, and I have so much fabric (including a partially completed quilt, gasp) already. But Jo-Ann's was having a sale on novelty prints and a sale on thread and a sale on packaged batting, and I also had a 20% off coupon and I got everything to make the quilt (fabric, backing fabric, thread, batting) for $31.16! That's the same as buying a blanket! (Not that I need another blanket in any case, but still...)
I'm going to be following the Obsessively Stitching: First Quilt Ever sew-a-long (which is over now, but better late than never!). The posts are so-o clear and helpful, and even though this isn't my first quilt ever, I feel like I can learn from doing it. And it will give me a chance to practice free-motion quilting again before I tackle a bigger quilt (the sew-along makes a crib size quilt).
And for the first time ever, I'm going to make the quilt for myself. Gasp! I know, it would sound better if I were making it as a gift for someone else. But then I couldn't show you my fabulous fabrics!
I had a hard time choosing them, let me tell you. Picking out 10 coordinating fabrics sounds easier than it actually is. From left to right: first we have my backing fabric, which is a fantastic blue and brown print that says "I heart my family" and "one big crazy family" on it (so true! On both counts!). Then there is an awesome retro pink and brown print with hearts and rainbows on it, a crazy print with chickens, a pink and brown and gold dot print, a leafy aqua print (which will also be the border on the quilt), a pink dot print, a green and pink peace sign print, a pink green and brown heart (and the word "love") print which is just too cute, a green blue and brown dot print, and finally a calm off-white swirly print. I love my fabrics! I went into the store with one idea of what I would make, and left with something completely different! Doesn't that always happen?


  1. So how big will this quilt be? Lap size? bed size?

  2. It will be crib sized - so a lap quilt.