Work Completed: Photo Array

I'm done with my wedding photo array! As you can see, I put them up above the kitchen table in the dining room/living room (it's just one giant room divided by the couch and the bookshelves with (yet more!) pictures of us on them). I had arranged them on the floor, but it didn't turn out as planned at all. Not even remotely! But I think it turned out alright. I didn't measure or anything, I just eyeballed the placements, so a little change was to be expected. My picture frames are apparently not the greatest, so the not all the pictures hung straight, which drove me crazy. Adam came up with the genius idea of using a tiny bit of double-stick tape to hold them in place. It works, although just.
You may have noticed the one empty frame. That one got accidentally dropped and the frame broke (although the glass was fine). Adam glued it back together for me, and I held it for ten (ten!) minutes while it dried. I still don't trust it to hold a photo though. I'll let it dry a little longer, I think.
Adam said it made that side of the room look "very cool". What do you think?

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