New Workspace!

Today I finally completed/organized my new workspace in the office! Adam had assembled the white desk a few days ago, but I only just got (and assembled myself) the pink chair today. Now I'm almost ready to get going on some projects. Not pictured is my sewing machine, still in it's box from moving. I need to get that out and clean it before I can start anything. But I did wash and iron some fabrics!
See? I'm going to make a variety of baby-friendly toys for the little pumpkin I babysit. Hopefully I'll get them done this weekend. At least one... I already told her mother that I would be making some toys, so now I have to deliver! All but two of these were fabrics I had in my massive collection (two I bought as remnants because I'm a sucker for remnants). There is a mixture of solids and patterns, but I think they all go pretty well together. Except maybe that navy print, of which I have a ton. I'll make it work. Stay tuned for some WIP and completed project posts!

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