Completed Present/Project: Green and Purple Baby Quilt

Ta-da! It's finally done! (And several days before my September 1st deadline!)
And it is... a baby quilt! Adam's cousin recently (very recently) had a baby girl, and this is going to be her welcome-to-life present! Adam's mother picked out the fabrics to coordinate with the bedding already chosen, and asked me to stitch it up. And now I'm finally finished!

I cheated a little bit and used pre-made satin binding to bind the quilt instead of making my own pieced binding. But I actually think it looks nicer this way - the dark purple coordinates with the purple fabrics, and the satin binding adds another nice texture to the quilt. I machine-stitched the binding, which I'm not 100% happy with, but at least this way I know it's sturdy and strong and ready to endure some abuse by baby. I had originally hand-stitched one side of the the quilt, but wasn't happy with how it felt.

It's not a perfect quilt, but what quilt ever is perfect? It's cute and appropriate for this new baby girl. And I'm proud of myself for completing it and learning to do free-motion quilting in the process! And I got to use the first of my new labels.


  1. Congratulations, good job that is wonderful! You should be proud!!

  2. Also, in baby quilts, sturdiness is a prime consideration: the well-loved quilt needs to stand up to serious use, so zig-zagging the binding on was a good idea!

  3. I like!

    Also, I agree with Signe - sturdy is a priority. I also remember the satin edges from my own baby blankets so I approve of that choice too.