Life Changes

Sorry I haven't posted recently - I've been busy with real-life stuff, as opposed to fun, crafty stuff. My little bit of a job has ended, and I've started graduate school to get my MSW. This means I am also doing a practicum (think unpaid job) to gain hands-on experience. I've also started exercising daily, which takes a surprisingly amount of time. As a result, I have little time for crafting, which is very sad. I have so-o many projects that need to be completed! Hopefully as I settle into the rhythm of school and work, it will get easier to do some crafting!

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself- either with the exercising or the crafting. These should be fun relaxation from your 'real work' at school- NOT a source of stress in themselves. Also, on second thought, start slowly with the exercise and build up- especially the cardio- you don't want to stress your blood vessels! especially with migraines.