I'm dreaming of a black Christmas...

isn't it pretty?
Here is my (undecorated) black Christmas tree! I haven't touched it at all since we assembled it this afternoon, but it looks pretty good as is. You have no idea how much grief I went through trying to track down one of these trees - Adam and I decided we wanted it Friday, and then I spent the whole weekend looking online and calling stores trying to find one. They are apparently very popular. And then on Sunday, the display was available at the local Wal-Mart and then I went back - poof! - it had been sold. I didn't even know you could buy the displays!
In the end, I got lucky - I stopped in another Wal-Mart on my way home from my practicum, and they still had the display. So I snatched it up, stuck in my car, and here it is!
It is very early to have a Christmas tree up, but Adam wanted to see it put together, so we decided to assemble it, and so... here it is!

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  1. looks nice, can't wait to see it with silver balls and stars and other ornaments on it. Also, the biggest pains of christmas trees are: stringing and unstringing the lights, the needles dropping on the floor, remembering to add water every day.